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Issue 10.1

Winter 2020


New subscriptions will begin with issue #9.2. (If you’re interested in receiving prior issues, just add a note and tell us!) For institutional rates, please email us!

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Bone Bouquet seeks to publish the best new writing by female and non-binary poets, from artists both established and emerging. We are especially interested in work that breaks with tradition, creating new forms by dwelling in thought rather than seeking epiphany..


Donations to Bone Bouquet are sincerely appreciated, but NOT yet tax-deductible. If you are in search of a tax deduction, you may make a donation to our fiscal sponsor, Belladonna Series Inc., and make a note that the funds are intended for Bone Bouquet.


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What are you reading for?

  • What are you reading for?
    This started as an idea for an event. At that event, featured poets would talk about a book (in any genre) they’ve read recently and what purpose it served for them. In the live in-person format, the folks assembled could then talk about the book (if anyone else had read… Read More »What are you reading for?
  • Carolyn Guinzio
    on The Country of the Pointed Firs by Sarah Orne Jewett The “Dunnet Landing” stories take place at the edge of the continent, where Maine meets the Atlantic. They are as much about a landscape as they are about people. The stories have a strange, singular effect on me. The… Read More »Carolyn Guinzio
  • Leah Claire Kaminski
    On Llama Llama Red Pajamas by Anna Dewdney and other books Being a parent has washed away the capitalist mindset I accidentally adopted towards reading when I decided to become a “serious writer”. You can’t apply extractive capitalism to literature and expect to keep really engaging with it. So I… Read More »Leah Claire Kaminski
  • Freesia McKee
    on Ban en Banlieue by Bhanu Kapil I recently put together a short curriculum on the poetic fragment. Afterwards, as often happens in teaching—especially with conceptual material—I started seeing signs of the fragment everywhere. Was a slice of an apple a fragment (fragment of fruit)? Was the stray blue jay… Read More »Freesia McKee
  • K. M. English
    On Lake Michigan by Daniel Borzutzky I came to Daniel Borzutzky’s Lake Michigan with a problem. I’m working on a manuscript, situated in California’s central valley where I live, that looks at an ever-deepening homeless crisis and reactions to public suffering. I am trying to look beyond a bystander’s gaze into questions… Read More »K. M. English


  • Bone Bouquet #9.2 on Verse Daily

    January 8 brought Shanna Compton’s Issue 9.2 contribution to Verse Daily. From January 7: Kristi Maxwell’s poem “Violin” from Issue 9.2 was featured. Zefyr Lisowski’s poem was featured on January 6.

  • Updates!

    Issue 9.1 is available for pre-order, Issue 7.1 has just 14 copies remaining, and Issue 7.2 is sold out and available as a free PDF!

  • Bone Bouquet is available in libraries!

    Our library subscribers include: New York Public Library, University of Arizona Poetry Center, University of Buffalo Poetry Periodicals, and Canisius University. Ask your public or academic library to subscribe!